Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nearly a year has passed...

and it is about time I revisit this blog!

This past weekend I experienced one of the best activities ever - taking a 2-day workshop (Exploring Fabric Books) with mixed media artist, Lesley Riley at the amazing Valley Ridge Art Studio in SW Wisconsin. I made a great start on three fabric books (photos to follow in a week or so as I complete the books.) Lesley is as inspiring, helpful, and generous as I imagined her to be. Kathy and Bill, owners of the studio ( a gem hidden away in the hills and valleys of scenic WI), are a gracious and fun-loving couple.

Two of the lovely women I met at the workshop are Beth and Laura. I hope to continue our associations (and perhaps visit with some of the Illinois contingent - Jane, Tricia, Sandy, Carol, and Deb!)