Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Sale - something to bring me out of my art block!

What a nice surprise I received today - I sold a piece! I'd taken the three small canvases Three Textured Abstracts linked them together with a repurposed beaded necklace and had it hanging at The Next Picture Show Gallery exhibit of work from our art league, Kishwaukee Valley Art League. Ever since the death of my laptop a few weeks ago I have missed having all my pictures available, but there is hope that I will get them back soon. When I do, I will post the piece.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Maybe I'll work on chakras as my theme - I have several painted canvases that would make good backgrounds. Of course, I cannot show you the backgrounds because the software for my printer/scanner is MIA!

You Are the Throat Chakra

You are outspoken and eloquent. You have no problem making your opinion known.

It's likely that you're very verbal and artistic. You are creative in every aspect of your life.

You love to communicate with people. You think it's valuable to talk out ideas and issues.

You are very honest and straightforward. Speaking the truth is important to you.

I've got a four-day weekend over the Easter/Passover holiday and i am still blocked with my art, other than a journal that I've painted. Part of my issue is that my laptop died and the folks at Staples did NOT recover my data as they said they did, so I have lost all my documents and photos of my artwork! Hopefully Kyle will do some magic with my hardrive in this next week or so and I can have my digital life back!