Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Pictures of some bits that I've been working on lately or that have bubbled to the surface in the studio. The first one is a piece I worked on awhile back: Crumpled brown bag paper, painted with metallic acrylics and embellisheed with varigated rayon thread sewn with a variety of programmed stitches from my Pfaff 1475. This is the front and back view of the same piece.

The next three are fabric paper samples I made quite some time back. The pink one has a muslin base with scrapbooking paper, printed tissue paper, sewing pattern tissue, and washes of fluid acrylics. The blue one has a base of coarse, large weave cloth similar to burlap. It's layered with wrapping paper and sparkle tulle with washes of fluid acrylics. The final green - blue piece is again the coarsely woven fabric, wrapping and decorative napkins, white tulle, and washes of fluid acrylics. I like making them in rather large sheets - about 20" x 30" or 24" x 36"