Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Two examples of using scrim (cheesecloth) in mixed media work. The first one is "Lost Love", a fabric and paper collage. The fabric on the right side covering the lower corner is purple scrim, purchased at a local Joann fabrics.

The piece on the right, "Pasticcio 2", has the same scrim along the top of the weaving. Displayed at an outdoor art show, it is the second in a series of collages exploring weaving over a variety of warps with an assortment of threads, fibers, paper, and ribbons. This piece is 12" x 8" on watercolor paper with a foamcore frame that I constructed with molding paste, embossed papers, and painted with acrylics.

I'll come back to edit this later today. I've got to run to a meeting!

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