Saturday, December 08, 2007

I'm In!

Just registered to attend a summer workshop with Beryl Taylor at the wonderful Valley Ridge Art Studio in southwestern Wisconsin! I've been thinking about this and planning it for months, so you can be sure I was signing in at precisely 9 AM today when registrations opened! I've attended Valley Ridge for two previous workshops (Lesley Riley and Kathy Malkasian) and had a marvelous time on both occasions. You really can't ask for a more comfortable and idyllic setting offered by the proprietors, Kathy and Bill Malkasian.

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Debbi Baker said...

Lucky lucky you!! I did a few workshops with Beryl in August when she came to Western Australia and they were terrific. She was so sweet and lovely - shares her knowledge so happily. Your wallpaper based goddess pieces in the previous post are amazing!!