Monday, July 27, 2009

Art Journaling

This is the first page from an art journal I began this past winter. I have to give a nod to Kelly Kilmer for getting me motivated to start (once again!). She has a daily art journal/collage/painting/prompt offered on her website A Prompt a Day.

I was more interested in getting some color and collage into a book and let the journaling come later. So I fashioned my own signatures and sewed them into a cover of a discarded hardback book. This first page is layered with lots o f drybrush acrylic paint, collage from my stash, including the removable holy card which is from my grandfather's funeral nearly 40 years ago. I like leaving plenty of space to actually write in journals, (rather than filling them up with collage). This page also includes rub on letters, colored pencil, paper scraps, German scrap wings, silver metallic and black pens.

Besides this page, I spent some time today scanning pages that I've painted so that I have "before" and "after" pics of my pages. Here's another spread before journaling. Layers of dry brushed acrylics, collaged tags, papers, and stickers. I think these fit in nicely with the concept of layering, especially the paint, that we are exploring in Techniques Sunday with the mmartfriends yahoo group.


House of Hullabaloo said...

I have been trying for years to make an art journal! That is a beautiful start! I can't believe I somehow didn't get linked to your blog till now. It is going to be fun seeing all the art you have created!

House of Hullabaloo said...

Are you doing the Kelly Kilmer journaling. It looks like it would be motivating. I'm not sure I can commit in August.

Denise said...

Thanks so much, H of H, for the lovely comments! I did join Kelly Kilmer's Prompt a Day in the early part of 2009, but only for a month or two. You really don't need to keep up day to day as near the end of the month she posts all the prompts, collage and painting ideas to one large file that you download to your computer.