Monday, April 26, 2010

Venus Envy is almost here

This past Saturday I took the four encaustic pieces shown in the post below to the Bucktown Center for the Arts in Davenport.  I was so fortunate to find Helen Boyd and Jacki Olson working in their studio, so I stopped in for a chat and to admire their work.  They are two gracious and generous artists with wonderful work hanging .  Jacki was using an iron to smooth out the wax on paper on cradled board abstract.  Helen was deftly using a heat gun to get a very shiny and smooth surface on her piece.  They were both encouraging when viewing my four small pieces.  It was great to be able to share ideas among us.

I also visited sculptor Paul Algueseva in his new studio in Moline.  He has many irons in the fire (sorry, I couldn't help that!).  I'll look for his website later.
Gotta run - time for work!

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pejnolan said...

I was sorry to have missed you, but your pieces looked marvelous!