Sunday, September 02, 2007

Today and tomorrow I plan to devote to creating some art pieces. Yesterday I found out I can have a spot in a Sycamore, IL business for the traveling art show of KVAL (Kishwaukee Valley Art League). So, I need to get three pieces ready for that. Melissa asked if I would create something for her dorm room, as she and her roommate need to "art-up" their room! And, just because I've been busy with the start of school for the past two weeks and have not created anything artistic, I need to get cracking.

This past week the new zine, Fibre & Stitch, debuted and it is lovely! This one sounded like a good match for me because no matter what art medium I explore, I tend to gravitate back to fabric! There's also a new yahoo group for the subscribers to the zine, The first challenge is exactly the technique I wanted to try, Carol McFee's "Lutradur and Lace". I'll post it later - first painting is still wet.

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cookievf said...

Sounds interesting! What type of art will you be making for the travelling art show?

Wondering if you have a flickr site or other photo site to see more of your creations?

My email address is listed on my blog. Maybe contact me there cuz I'd love to talk more about the skinny book! =^p
- vicki xo